Medium sized offset litho printers

Medium sized litho printers print a great number of jobs and usually have to quote for a great deal more!

Choosing between several presses makes planning jobs even more complex. That's where we come in. Our software, from a simple description of the job, recommends for any quantity ordered, the BEST way of producing it, selecting press, configuration and paper size instantly.

It even calculates the point where you should put it on the digital press rather than the litho or vice versa.

It doesn't stop there. That initial job flows seamlessly from quotation through confirmation note, job sheet, job progress, delivery, to invoicing. And if you want to record the actual costs of production, the tools are all there to help you refine your estimating.

Add to that the built-in CRM tools, with dashboard, delivery and call reminders linked to your phone, 'driver's seat' overview, and a whole lot more, and we're really getting somewhere!


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