Printsum - the expert estimator's toolkit...

Printsum's expertise is pretty much unique.  Starting with a job creation wizard we'll guide you to the most cost-effective way to print any job, cost it, and help you price it.

The quickest way to create a job is by using a 'Quick Quote'. That's a template - but with a difference!  Pick an appropriate QQ, enter the quantity, and it will calculate the best way to print (how many up, which paper size, which press etc), and how much it will cost.  Adjust the quantity, size, number of pages, origination and finishing tasks or whatever and it re-calculates - maybe picking a different methodology or another press this time.

You can build up even complex jobs from QQs.  How about a book with black & white and colour sections, a cover on different stock, a gatefold and a loose insert.  It just takes a couple of minutes. 

Alternatively, building a job from scratch is pretty simple too.  Start from basic data to describe the job (or part job) - i.e. height, width, number of pages, bleed etc., and then specify which presses to consider, and the paper name and weight to use.

For each press chosen the system looks at all possible methods of printing the job.  It's intelligent enough to know the differences between offset litho and digital.  It will try a number of permutations and combinations, and it will also try each against all possible paper sizes that are available to it.

It knows which papers you keep in house, and which would have to be ordered (which would mean charging a whole number of packs).  It knows about 'work and turn', run-up requirements and how many extra copies to allow for finishing.  It works out pre- and post-press cuts, since cutting costs can have a bearing on choosing the most cost-effective route. It can even show your plate layout.

We're proud of our expert calculation system.  It streamlines the estimator's task and gives a welcome uniformity to quoting, while allowing great flexibility.  Don't believe it?  Try it for yourself!

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