Printsum actively seeks partners...

Printsum software is already in use in many countries in the Americas, Europe and African continents. Our international presence has developed organically and we are now actively seeking partnerships with selected local enterprises to develop this further.

To our customers, we offer an all-encompassing MIS solution with rich software functionality, as demanded by modern print companies. We offer a unique “One” pricing policy which offers Printsum at one single price – a remarkable value offering.

Printsum offers unique benefits and features to our customers over and above even the most expensive MIS systems, as described elsewhere on this website.

For Partners, we offer bespoke and flexible commercial arrangements that tailor to the potential revenues that can be generated, whether by deploying software or delivering (own) value added services.

One major advantage is that Printsum has an ‘in-built multi-language facility’ which means that Printsum can be easily offered in, potentially, any local language.

We will provide support in terms of materials and technical assistance & support. We will be working together for mutual gains.

If you are interested, please contact Syed Shah (Syed or direct on +44 7810 888 990

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