Printsum’s “One” Policy

Printsum is One Product at One Price – plain and simple. It does everything you need.

There are no additional “modules” and no additional “components” to buy just when you thought you’d bought your MIS.

What you get is the full system.  If you don't need it all, that's OK.  We've specially designed it so that you only need to use the parts you want.  The rest is all there for you to grow into when you are ready.

The price is also simple. 

£65 or €100 or $100 per month.

That's it.  No minimum period.  No up-front fee.

You can choose training if you need it - it is not compulsory.  We are happy to go through the system with you via telephone and Internet.

There's no fee for converting your data from another system.
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