About Printsum

The Printsum partnership was started in 1989 by Norman Marks and Richard Fergusson, who got together to produce a print estimating package which they launched at the London Printing Show in 1991 under the name Printpak.

At the time most print estimating software was extremely expensive and sold a module at a time. Printpak broke the mould, with the first expert print estimating system on the market, selling on a non-modular basis at an affordable price.

Two decades and two major re-writes later, with two new partners, Sameer and Rajesh Vartak on board, Printpak has now become Printsum and is still leading the field.  With an economical pay-as-you go service, no minimum period, and optional hosting, our offering is simply unmatched.

In 2004 we won a prestigious DTI award for innovative research into the automating of print estimating, in recognition of our position as leader in this field, of which we are justly proud.  The results of that research are now incorporated in the current version.

Printsum has users all over the world, in both metric and American units, and the current product reflects the input of literally thousands of printers.  We value our users and over the years have re-invested over 70 percent of the income they provide directly into research and development in order to make sure we stay at the forefront of the industry.


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