Large offset litho - for the Business!

Larger litho printers need to keep a careful eye on what is happening in their business, while doing everything to ensure maximum efficiency. This can lead to significant administrative headaches.

That's where we come in. Our software is designed from the outset to take the sweat out of administration. With accurate costing, and at-a-glance tools to show you exactly what's happening, you'll be secure in the knowledge that you're really in charge. The business work-flow is all there from quote through to invoice, and real-time information from the shop-floor can be continually displayed, together with imminent deliveries and call-backs.

To complete the picture there are links to accounts, and the 'driver's seat' gives you an instant company health-check. In fact there's pretty much everything you need to run your business!

Large offset litho - for the User!

Our user-friendly system plans and calculates the likely cost of the job and gives you specialist tools to help you negotiate with the customer, taking true profit and added value into account.

It then produces all the documentation - quotation, confirmation notes, job sheet, box labels, delivery notes and invoices as the job goes through the system.

There's a visual job scheduler, a form designer, a profit analysis facility, CRM tools, and plate layout diagrams. Stock control and purchase ordering is included, and your shop-floor can record their real-time tasks. In fact, we think you'll enjoy getting to grips with our expert toolkit!


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