Large digital printers - for the Business!

In the larger digital environment we can help you keep your eye on what's going on. Who's doing what on the shop floor? What jobs are due out tomorrow? Who should we be calling today?

We can help you monitor profit margins and salesman's contribution, as well as oversee your salespeople's interactions with customers.

The information from the shopfloor can feed back into the system so you can compare real against theoretical costs, to make sure your estimates are really accurate - invaluable in a hard-bargaining world.

With simple scheduling, stock control and purchase order processing, and configurable exports, we've put together a really useful package.

Large digital printers - for the User!

From a helping hand with difficult calculations, through automatic production of quotes, jobsheets, invoices etc., you'll appreciate the thought that's been put into making your life simpler.

Negotiation tools help you pick your way between the rigid price list and the fast-moving reality of the marketplace while safeguarding that all-important profit margin.

Your shop-floor can record their work in real-time, and even call-off stock.  We help you with customer call-backs and deliveries, ordering paper, getting figures out to accounts - we even print box-end labels.

You may be impressed!


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