Digital printing

The Printsum approach to digital printing is refreshingly original.  While allowing pricing tables to be used to evaluate jobs, the emphasis is always on the true cost of the job.

While we can consult the price list to tell you how much the job should cost the customer,  we can at the same time advise you how much profit it's making for you.

The cost of running your digital press can be properly calculated and incorporated into your figures. No more guesswork!

Wide format presses are also well catered for.     

A very important feature is the ability to calculate any job accurately and advise which press to do it on, selecting seamlessly between the different presses and press types - even between digital and litho.

...And of course we take care of all the paperwork, invoicing, costing, purchase orders, stock etc., etc.  Printsum can really streamline your business!


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